The Tampa Club is celebrating our 40th anniversary this year and we are thrilled to be announcing our Club renovation including the Grille/Bar expansion, Main Dining Room, and the opening of the outside terrace. Construction began at the end of June and has a projected grand opening in late February. The Club will remain open to Members during renovations and will continue hosting Member Events and serving all meals in the Skyline Lounge located on the 41st floor.

We have created the 21 Club, which is a project sponsorship opportunity for Members to be included in the opening of the terrace and assist in taking The Tampa Club to an elite level as the most exclusive social and business club in the country. Through a $15,000 investment to the project, these 21 Club Members will receive a substantial return on their investment and their name/company displayed on the terrace. 

Reserved 21 Club Members

Beth Ash
Ben Sever
Jonathan & Isabel Ellis
Robert & Elena Paredes
Stacey & Teia Cheese
Brian Bullock
Louis & April LaCava
Gerald Warren & Suzette Knight
John Taylor & Patricia Lamphear
Jennifer & Ralph Beaver
Jon & Lisa Hartzler
Donal Blaney
Jesse & Julie Curry
Suzanne Pratt
Stephan & Allie Pettit
Steve & Teresa Oscher
Jon Bebeau & Muriel Lavallee
Kevin & Michelle Burton
Phil Desilva
Tom and Carol Patterson
Miguel Ortigao
John and Lori Morrison
Ilan & Tracey Aramati
Derek & Charlotte Embody
Cheryl Ciccarello & Randall Stack
Scott & Rosie Paulsen
Briggs & Karla Stahl
Jeff & Gianna Birner
Kim & Sandra Kasper
Thomas Brzezinski & Wade Trim
Fred Mastropasqua & Clearly Agile
Walbridge Construction
Clean Earth Systems

In addition to the 21 Club, we are launching another project sponsorship opportunity for our expanded 24 seat, 360’ degree Sunset Bar. The Sunset Bar Project will be for members to invest $7,500 and in turn will receive a $3,750 food and beverage credit upon completion of the bar, always receive their first drink on the house and their name displayed at the bar! Sunset Bar Members will also be the only Members who are able to make reservations for the Sunset Bar.

Reserved Sunset Bar Members

Stephan & Allie Pettit
John Taylor & Patricia Lamphear
Matt & Billy Bullwinkel
Cesar Hernandez
Frank Rygiel
Avelino Vide
Katrina Madewell
Jon & Lisa Hartzler
Fraser Himes
Emerson & Cheryl Brumback
Leigh & Kris Nickens
Marty Jones & Sandra Brusso
Mike and Carol Zelnik
Robert & Elena Paredes
Phil Desilva
Ilan & Tracey Aramati
Brian Kostek and Laura Forsythe
Al & Dianne Ferris
Devin & Walter Cowell
David Bailey - Southern States Material Handling, Inc.
Bob Malandro - Whitecap Sports Group

For additional information, questions, or to reserve your spot in the 21 Club or Sunset Bar, please email Tim, Ann or Justin.